Find Us

TK Traktordelar is located right outside Linköping and close to the community of Linghem. Please refer to the map to the right for details.

Vimarka Humpen 3, 58592 Linköping, Sverige, Lat: 58.417593, Long: 15.766925+46 (0) 13 35 73
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm*
*With reservation for different opening hours due to holidays etc

The Team

We are a total of 20 staff members who work at the facility with the daily activities.

The dismantlers break down the chosen machines into spare parts and carry out sanitation, sorting and quality control of the parts. Our warehouse employees then sort and mark the chosen spare parts, rate them by quality, and thereafter register them in our database wherein all information about the parts are contained. The parts are then placed and stored in our indoor or outdoor storage. Eight knowledgable salespersons are ready to help you with your enquiries and to make sure you get the part you need.


Roger Hjärtström

Purchaser / Salesperson+46 13 35 73

Jan Johansson

Purchaser / Salesperson+46 13 35 73

Johan Vårdstedt

Purchaser / Salesperson+46 13 35 73

Melker Rothman

Sales Manager+46 13 35 73

Mattias Karlsson

Salesperson+46 13 35 73

Anders Aurell

Salesperson+46 13 35 73

Fredrik Hjärtström

Salesperson+46 13 35 73

Viktor Orränger

Salesperson+46 13 35 73


Maria Weidermark

Administrator+46 13 35 73

Petra Törnström

Administrator+46 13 35 73

Oscar Vårdstedt

Administrator+46 13 35 73

Workshop & Warehouse

Pär Forzén

Warehouse Manager

Alexander Johansson

Warehouse Assistant

Tobias Nilsson

Warehouse Assistant

Peter Chihadeh

Warehouse Assistant/Dismantler

Mikael Backstulid


Christer Svensson


Torbjörn Gunnar

Repairer / Dismantler


Mats Damberg

Truck with Crane+46

Gustav Karlsson

Low loader+46