The Process

The machine is brought into the workshop, controlled and drained of oils and chemicals. It is subsequently dismantled into spare parts by our workshop staff.  After the dismantling process the spare parts are registered in our computer system.

Our dismantlers break down the machines and perform a quality control to ensure that the spare parts are in working condition. We then register the parts in our computer system, mark them and store them in our warehouses. Over 45 000 spare parts are registered in the system and stored in our roofed 5000 squaremeters large storage area. We also have a sizeable outer area where we store everything from cabins and heavy accessories to tires and rims.

Eight salespersons are constantly assisting customers to help them find the parts they need. We have daily sendings of products by post and truck.


Reuse and recycling

We buy tractors and construction machines for dismantling and sell the used spare parts to construction companies, workshops, farmers and private individuals in Sweden and abroad.

The business concept consists of acquiring machines for dismantling and thereafter sell the used spareparts for reuse. During the years we have gathered a vast amount of knowledge and a huge stock of parts for most models of tractors and wheel loaders, as well as other agriculture- and construction machines.

Recycling is good for the enviroment.
Here at TK Traktordelar we have always had a focus on environmental sustainability, and with todays climate situation this is more important than ever.

Sustainability through reuse and material recycling has been important to us since we started the company in the 1950s. To use functional and good spare parts should be natural instead of constantly buying new products. We save the functional spare parts and recycle the rest, thereby saving what many believe to be useless scrap. Our environmentally approved facility handle yearly amounts of industrial waste, such as oils, chemicals and scrap, that then gets delivered for recycling.