Terms & Conditions

Payment terms

Unless an agreement is made between TK:s Begagnade Traktordelar AB and the customer, standard payment terms are 20 days. N.B. This does not include pro forma invoices.


Prices on the website is presented in SEK and all prices are exclusive VAT. TK:s Begagnade Traktordelar AB reserves the right to make price adjustments in the event of price adjustments from suppliers or price inaccuracies due to erroneous information.

Exchange price

Please be advised that for some parts the price presented is an exchange price where we want your defect part in exchange. When in doubt, ask the salesperson you have been in contact with if this is the case regarding the part you are interested in.


Warranty is valid from the date of delivery. Used parts 3 months, renovated parts 6 months and new parts 12 months. The warranty cover the price of purchase. TK:s Begagnade Traktordelar AB are not responsible for costs due to: assembly, freight, salvage, standstill etc.

Responsibility for delivered product etc.

Used part is sold in actual condition. In event of fault the seller is responsible only if the product is considered faulty according to Swedish Purchase Law or Swedish User Law. To earn legitimacy to claim of fault, the buyer needs to issue complaint within a reasonable time period. The buyer does not under any circumstances own any right to reimbursement due to loss in business operations. In event of complaint, costs due to work, assembling and disassembling is not reimbursed.

Special orders

Articles outside ordinary stock and specially ordered at the request of customer, will not be reimbursed

Right of Ownership

Ownership of delivered products is transferred to buyer when payment has been fully received.

Data Protection

TK Traktordelar values our customer’s integrity and handles all personal data with the consent of our clients and in regulation with the European data protection law GDPR.

The personal data we collect are necessary for us to be able to administrate business deals, fulfil our agreements and satisfy the needs of you as our customer.

We handle personal data such as Org/VAT numbers, telephone numbers, trade category, names and addresses.

Your personal data are used to validate your VAT number, enable invoices and to handle all the practical details and logistics associated with your purchases. When we use your personal data we do it in order to fulfil our mutual business agreements.

TK Traktordelar use technical as well as organizational measures to safeguard data and ensure that it does not get lost, destroyed, manipulated or made available to unauthorized personnel.

We never share information about our customer’s personal data to a third party.

The data that is processed and stored the longest is data regarding bookkeeping and accounting. This data is required by Swedish law to be saved for seven years.

To ensure that we do not handle any personal data unnecessarily and without proper justification, we regularly delete data no longer required.

Our customers have the right to at any time request their personal data to be changed or removed. However, this does not apply in situations when said data is required for TK Traktordelar to fulfil a contract or legal obligation.

The following principles is applied when TK Traktordelar handles personal data:

  • Your integrity is considered and respected
  • You have the right to be presented with thorough information about how we handle personal data
  • We do not gather more data than necessary
  • Your personal data is used only for the purpose it was collected for
  • We have security measures in effect to protect your data
  • Your data is not stored longer than absolutely required
  • Your personal data is not sold to any third parties

Delivering your social security/org/VAT-number to TK Traktordelar is considered as agreeing and consenting to the above terms and conditions.