Terms & Conditions


Warranty is valid from the date of delivery. Used parts 3 months, renovated parts 6 months and new parts 12 months. The warranty cover the price of purchase. TK:s Begagnade Traktordelar AB are not responsible for costs due to: assembly, freight, salvage, standstill etc.

Responsibility for delivered product etc.

Used part is sold in actual condition. In event of fault the seller is responsible only if the product is considered faulty according to Swedish Purchase Law or Swedish User Law. To earn legitimacy to claim of fault, the buyer needs to issue complaint within a reasonable time period. The buyer does not under any circumstances own any right to reimbursement due to loss in business operations. In event of complaint, costs due to work, assembling and disassembling is not reimbursed.

Special orders

Articles outside ordinary stock and specially ordered at the request of customer, will not be reimbursed

Right of Ownership

Ownership of delivered products is transferred to buyer when payment has been fully received.